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The difference we make

Our impact

At My Cancer Navigator, it’s not just about statistics. It’s about the individual lives we touch every day. Here's a glance at the significant milestones we've achieved together. Every number tells a story of strength, hope, and resilience.
Patients helped by My Cancer Navigator

My Cancer Navigator offered support over the last 5 years.

So far, we helped 1,500 patients and their relatives, for free.

We replied to more than
900 questions in 2023.

My Cancer Navigator has received inquiries from 75 different countries.

The voice of our users

Through a survey, we invited our users to share their experiences, to measure the true impact of My Cancer Navigator. The results were not only heartening—they were inspiring. We are convinced: real impact, real feedback.

97% of users are very satisfied about My Cancer Navigator
(very) satisfied users
86% users of My Cancer Navigator say they are better informed
increased knowledge
77% of the My Cancer Navigator feel emotionally better
improved emotional well-being
60% of the My Cancer Navigator users communicate better with their treatment team
better communication with treating team
52% of the My Cancer Navigator users say to have changed
well-considered changes in disease management

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