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Our journey

Establishing the foundations

The Anticancer Fund started cancer therapy research over a decade ago. Increasingly, patients and their loved ones asked the team to help them, and answer questions they had – about their diagnosis, treatment options, clinical trials, and so on.
Originally a secondary task, providing information gradually became a fundamental aspect of the Anticancer Fund’s work, evolving into what is known today as My Cancer Navigator.

Dr Gabry Kuijten of My Cancer Navigator says thank you
"The catalyst for the creation of My Cancer Navigator was deeply personal. I experienced the impact of cancer within my own family when my brother faced a breast cancer diagnosis in 2018. Standing alongside him through his treatment journey, I recognised the profound difference personalised support could make."
Dr Gabry Kuijten, now coordinating My Cancer Navigator

Expanding the horizon

The new approach, first took root with a pilot project in Flanders, where face-to-face interactions—including home visits—blended with phone and video communications to provide a more individualised patient experience. The success of this pilot led to its integration into our standard way of working and by 2019, My Cancer Navigator was available across patients in Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, and France.

The arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020 tested our adaptability, pushing us to shift entirely to remote communication tools. This transition allowed us to sustain our support and even spread it worldwide, ensuring that no patient had to navigate their path alone, even in the most isolating times.

Reflecting, and forward motion

Today, My Cancer Navigator stands proud with a team of dedicated professionals. Our commitment is recognized and bolstered by numerous like-minded organisations. Each year, we help hundreds of patients, navigating them through their cancer journey.

As we look to the future, we are reminded daily of the trust placed in us. Your support helps us continue this vital work, ensuring that every person facing cancer has access to knowledgeable and reliable information.