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Information service for healthcare professionals

Navigating complex cancer care with confidence

Whether your patient might benefit from a clinical trial, requires access to new therapies not yet reimbursed, or needs guidance on drug interactions—time is a scarce resource.
My Cancer Navigator is your partner in addressing these questions, offering accurate information to ensure the best care for your patients.
My Cancer Navigator assists healthcare professionals with questions regarding specific patients

Empowering you with comprehensive information

  • we provide detailed information on treatment options recommended by international guidelines and backed by solid evidence.
  • we explore options for access to non-reimbursed therapies.
  • we identify clinical trials the patient might be eligible for.
  • we check interactions of specific drugs or supplements with cancer therapies.
  • we investigate unregulated therapies your patient is interested in.

Your question is not in the list? Do reach out and we’ll tell you if we can help.

My Cancer Navigator supports physicians and healthcare professionals seeking precise, evidence-based information on cancer treatments, tailored to a specific patient.

Important: you and your team remain the first point of contact for your patient, and you will decide together on the optimal treatment approach.

Of course you may also ask your patients to contact us directly, if they have specific questions that require further research.
This cooperation can support the shared decision-making process you strive for with your patients.

picture health care professional My Cancer Navigator and Anticancer Fund
"One of my patients, who had lymphoma, unfortunately received a diagnosis of lung cancer. He had many questions difficult for me to answer in a timely manner, especially in this complex situation. With the patient’s consent, I contacted My Cancer Navigator, and provided them with the necessary medical information. I received a report summarizing the relevant scientific data, and concrete answers to the questions, which allowed me to support my patient in his further choices."
Bart Van de Velde, general practitioner

How does it work?

Reach out

Contact us

Send us a message through the contact form.

Please include a brief explanation of the patient’s situation and any specific questions you have.

We get in touch

We’ll get in touch

If your question is straightforward and does not require a review of medical records, we may answer it directly by email.
For more complex inquiries, one of our physicians will reach out to you to gather additional information.

Thorough research

Summary report

You will receive a detailed written summary of our findings, including references.

Treatment-related information, not advice

We don't provide

  • A second opinion or medical advice. We do not take over the treatment, and do not prescribe medication.
  • Insurance expertise, home care, and psychosocial support. However, we will of course do our best to refer you to the appropriate organisations.
  • Funding for treatment. But, we can explore options for access to relevant therapies.